Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mariahhh's Wake

Well the trip across the dreaded Straight of juan de Fuca was uneventful and we made landfall dead on Cattle Pass despite fog and limited visibility. We spent the first night in Friday Harbor packed in like sardines in the anchorage (we reset the anchor four times including one time after dark).

After refueling and showering the next day at Deer Harbor we sailed over to Stuart island and spent three days and nights in Reid Harbor. We hiked around the island over a couple of days and were fortunate to get up[ to the lighthouse just in time to watch one or two of the orca whale pods breaching and cavorting through the pass.

Our next stop was at Roche Harbor on San Juan island where we spent a couple days looking around. We restocked with groceries, showered and headed back over to Deer Harbor to gas up and anchor out for the night.

Our most exciting sailing experience was from Deer Harbor over the top of Orcas Island to Sucia Island. We had to reef the sails and our little rubber dinghy started doing cartwheels behind Mariahhh when the wind kicked up. We made it to Sucia and took one of the last mooring balls available. The first night we pitched and rolled all night long and some of our neighbors got seasick. We met a really cool couple (Peter and Octavia) who were out in their brand new Hunter 44. What an unbelievably beautiful boat!!!

After two days at Sucia we sailed/motored down to Spencer Spit state park for the night and back to the mainland the next day.

Overall it was two great weeks in paradise even though we had to endure two to three days between showers. We are still uploading photos from the trip so check back again. The second week of September we are going up north again to the Canadian Gulf Islands for a couple weeks.

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